We follow proven and standard practices when it comes to collecting rent. However, in the event a tenant can no longer meet their rental obligation, we will handle evictions process swiftly. Our staff is knowledgeable in Landlord and Tenant laws. If rents are not paid on time, we initiate the legal steps necessary to collect rents and/or evict tenants. We handle the entire eviction process so you won’t have to.

Non-payment of rent

If the tenant doesn’t pay the rent when it’s due, we will serve a notice that the rent is late, follow up with the tenant, and give the tenant a certain time (usually 3–5 days) in which to pay. If the tenant pays the balance due in the time stated, we will not start the eviction process. If we do not get the payment after the allotted time, we will start the eviction process. Remember, it is always easier to work with the tenant to receive any outstanding rent amount. However, sometimes, evictions cannot be avoided.


In the event of eviction, we will communicate the process with you and let you know what steps we take in order to move the tenant out of the property and find a new tenant. Please keep in mind that we cannot send rent payments to you unless the tenant pays their full balance.